Spring is here and the summer heat is fast approaching! Most of us are stocking up on sunscreen and beach toys and getting ready for relaxing days at the beach and pool.

It is also time to do some dreaded but much needed home maintenance. Here is a list to get you started and product links to make your job easier.

Always remember to work within your skill level and call a professional whenever you are not confident completing the task yourself.

  • Clean and check your smoke detectors. Hard wired and standard smoke alarms should be replaced at least every 10 years.
  • Check your GFCI receptacles inside and out. Any wet or damp locations should be protected. A GFCI tester can verify if a standard receptacle is protected.
  • Check your roof from the ground for any obvious damage or debris. Call a professional to remove debris and make repairs.
  • Clean windows and window tracks. Some simple tools make hard to reach windows easier to clean.
  • Check your sprinklers to make sure they are not contacting your home. Replace any damaged sprinkler heads.
  • Trim vegetation away from your home. Make sure any trees close to you roof are trimmed back.
  • If you have gutters they need to be cleaned if you are not familiar with using a ladder this may be a job for a professional.
  • Check your siding and trim for signs of decay from splash back, also fill in any ground erosion with soil.
  • Caulk any gaps and touch up with paint.
  • Now is a good time to look at your HVAC system.
    • Clean your condensate drain lines.
    • Check condenser and air handler coils to see if they need to be cleaned. This can be done by rinsing with water or using a cleaner. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Remove any debris that has accumulated around the condenser.
    • Check your filters and change as needed. Order a 12 month supply and set a reminder to change each month.
  • Use weed killer to remove weeds from around your foundation.
  • Spring and early summer is a great time to begin treating your lawn for bugs. I use a mix of granules and liquid concentrate. A broadcast spreader and pump sprayer makes quick work of it.
  • Depending on your lawn type and soil conditions it is also time to start fertilizing.
    • Soil samples can be taken to the UGA extension office for testing. They will provide a soil analysis and fertilizing recommendations.

This list should help get you started. There are many amazing tutorials on YouTube or the web in general to help you complete almost any task.

Happy Home owning from Mike at Marsh Buffalo Home Inspections.

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