Hard water stains plague shower glass and years of build can look like a disaster. Most of us have tried multiple cleaners with marginal results. I have found a routine that has kept our shower glass looking great with minimal effort. Amaz Water Stain Remover is the first step. If your shower has a heavy build up I recommend using a drill attachment to speed things along. Years of hard water build up may take several hours to remove but once it is off it is a quick process to maintain crystal clear glass. The process is as simple buff on and buff off, After the initial cleaning maintaining the glass is quick and easy.

Here is my routine!

  1. After each shower squeegee the glass.
  2. When you see build up starting apply Amaz. At this point it will take about 15 minutes to clean the glass. Amaz cleans and polishes so you could stop here.
  3. Once the glass is clean I like to rinse it as well as the frame and rubber seals.
  4. Next towel dry with a clean bath towel.
  5. Then clean with a quality glass cleaner.
  6. This is a bonus step to increase the length between cleanings!!!
    1. Apply a coating of Aquapel.
    2. This product will protect the glass, the water will bead up and roll off the glass. (it also works amazing on car windshields).
    3. 2 applicators is enough for my shower, make sure you order enough for your shower size. Each applicator will do an area about the size of a large car windshield.
  7. Congratulations, You are all done!!!!

Please comment below with and tips and tricks you have.