Mold Testing Add-On

Our Standard Mold Testing can be added to any home inspection & includes the following  Inspection Process:

  1. A full assessment of the home. We are looking for not only mold but also water damage because mold requires water or moisture to grow.  We use specialized equipment like moisture meters and/or infrared cameras to check for water damage in hidden places like behind walls.
  2. We also include 4 samples in our Standard Mold Inspection.  Samples may be air samples, surface samples, or a combination of both.
  3. Samples are overnight shipped to a 3rd party lab. The Lab take 24 hours to process the samples once they receive them.
  4. We email you a copy of the lab results and a written inspection report 2-3 business days after your Inspection appointment. In our written report, we document what we found during the inspection and we explain the lab results in plain English so you can understand what they mean.
  5. If our Inspection and lab results determine that there is a mold issue, we will make recommendations on remediation.
  6. Once remediation has been completed we can make a final assessment to ensure clean up was successful. This may include a visual inspection and sampling if necessary.

We charge $275 for our  Mold Testing when added to a home inspection. This includes 4 samples. It costs $40 for each additional sample requested, which often is not necessary. The choice is yours whether to pay for additional samples if we believe they are even necessary in the first place.

Please note: mold testing is often not necessary if you already see visible mold. In this case, we can make recommendations on clean up. But mold testing is a great tool when you are uncertain if you have a mold problem. For example: you smell something but don’t see anything or you had recent water damage but do not see any visible mold. It is also the only solution when you need 100% proof that a mold problem exists. Please contact us if you are uncertain whether you need a Mold Inspection with Mold Testing or a Free Estimate.